Exercises You Can Do With a Power Shaper

Updated March 23, 2017

The Power Shaper is an exercise product sold through television infomercials. Designed by Ike Berger, a three time national champion weightlifter, the light weight product uses resistance exercise to help tone and firm the body. The product consists of a rope, not unlike a bungee cord, that has two handles on each end. Two handles are for you to insert your feet in to, the other two are for your hands. In this way, whether you are standing or lying down you create resistance to curling and bending movements that work your muscles.

Leg Exercises

Lie down flat on the ground, insert feet into bottom handles. Insert hands into top handles. Lift up your torso at a 45 degree angle, grasp the handles palm down. While keeping the Power Shaper taut with your hands, lift one leg at a time, alternating between legs. This will help to work out your backside, the back of your thighs and abs. Staying in the same lying down position, keep your legs together and the Shaper taut with your hands. Lift legs together simultaneously in slow, controlled repetitions. This will work the top of your thighs in addition to the muscle groups previously mentioned.

Arm Exercises

Stand up and place your feet in the bottom handles. Place feet shoulder width apart. The mechanism in the centre of the Shaper is adjustable for resistance. You can pull it up for more resistance or down for less. Grasp the top handles in your hands, palms up. With slow, controlled movements lift up one arm at a time in a curling motion. Alternate arms. This will work your biceps. Staying in your standing position, grasp the handles with your hands palms down. Extend your arms straight out, away from your body. Slowly lift up one arm at a time from your hip area to shoulder height. Alternate the same motion with both arms. This works your deltoid and tricep muscles.

Waist Exercise

In the standing position, place your feet in the bottom handles and shoulder width apart. Grasp the top handles, palms down. Slightly bend your elbows, and lean to your right about 45 degrees. Come back to standing position. Lean left about 45 degrees. Come back to standing position. Repeat this exercise, alternating sides. This will work your oblique abdominal muscles. In the standing position, grasp the handles, palms down. Bring your hands next to each other at your belly button; allow your elbows to bend naturally. Hold the Shaper taut, while twisting (slowly) from back to front. This is also a waist slimming exercise.

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