Bamboo Crafts for Kids

Written by kim hoyum
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Bamboo Crafts for Kids
Use bamboo crafts when you teach children about pandas. (bamboo image by cyndi Claessens from

Bamboo is an attractive, unusual-looking plant that is light and sturdy. It also is easy to work with this material. These qualities make bamboo a good choice for use in crafts for kids. Use bamboo to teach children how to make an outdoor decoration, as well as a tool for feeding fish. Show children how to make pretend bamboo while teaching them about this interesting plant.

Wind Chimes

This wind chime craft project requires one or more bamboo canes. An adult will saw the canes into varying lengths with a small craft saw or handsaw.

Make the top part of the wind chime out of a piece of bamboo that is about a foot long--this is the horizontal piece. Make the rest of the wind chime pieces about 3- to 6-inches long; cut five or six pieces that vary in length.

Cut five or six grooves at least an inch apart in the horizontal piece--this will give the child secure places to attach the dangling chimes. Use a small drill bit--1/8 inch or even smaller--to drill a hole at the top of each cane.

Let the child tie string or thin, colourful ribbons through the holes. Have her tie the chimes' ribbons around the grooves in the horizontal cane piece. Thread another piece of string through the horizontal cane to make a hanger.

Give the child paint so she can decorate the wind chime.

Fishing Rod

Create a fishing rod that will not endanger the fish or harm the children. This fishing rod craft requires one cane of bamboo per child. Use a cane about 4- to 6-feet long, depending on the child's height.

Tie about 6 feet of waxed twine to the pole. Hold a few inches of the twine along the top of the pole. Use another piece of twine to tie the pole and the first piece of twine together. Tie several simple knots on top of each other to secure the line.

Tie a fishing bobber--made out of cork, plastic or wood--to the fishing line. The bobber should be about a foot to 18 inches from the end of the line.

Unfold a paper clip halfway and tie one end to the fishing line. Stick cheese or bread on the other end of the paper clip and dangle it in the water to attract--and feed--hungry fish.

Paper Bamboo

Make your own bamboo craft out of paper. Use this craft to help teach kids about bamboo, pandas and China. This project will illustrate this reed's quick growth rate.

Use green construction paper, or have the child colour white paper with green markers or crayons.

Roll the paper into a long tube. Add several layers. Tape the papers tightly together at one end. At the other end, make cuts that are 5- to 7-inches long, cutting through all the layers.

Gently pull the inner layers upward. Watch each layer of leaves "sprout" on the pretend bamboo cane.

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