Hairstyles for a fat & round face

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you have a fat and round face or a triangular shaped face, it's important to use the shape of your face as a guide for which hairstyles to wear. If your face is round (about the same width as height, with a curved jaw and forehead) some hairstyles will be more flattering on you than other styles and haircuts.

Styles with Bangs

Bangs can work on a round face, but stay away from a heavy, blunt, straight-cut bang. Opt instead for a style with long, fringelike bangs, cut with a razor to give them a soft look. Another pretty choice is a long, side-swept bang; this helps to elongate your face and draw attention to your eyes.

Downplaying the Double Chin

People with fat faces often have double chins. To make it less noticeable, keep your hair above your chin around your face. A shag, longer in the back and framing your face in front, allows you to have a little length but minimises the look of a double chin. You can also wear your long hair up to achieve the same effect.

Pump up the Volume

Hair with some volume on top is flattering on a round face. Make sure to keep the volume up high, around the crown, rather than around the sides of the face. Teasing your hair just a little around the crown and fringe gives your face the illusion of height. The same effect can be achieved by wearing your hair in a style that's curly at the crown and tapered in the back to the nape of your neck.

Long and Lean

Long hair can be very flattering on a round face. Choose a soft style, like one with loose ringlets or razor-cut layers around the face, rather than a severe, blunt cut. A side part in your long hair gives the illusion of a longer face, minimising the fullness of it. Another flattering long style for women with round faces is worn with a soft, side-swept bang, with the rest of the hair falling in loose waves to the shoulders.

Short and Stylish

Short hair can look great on a round face. Keep the hair close to your face, and as with fringe and long hair, go for a look that's soft and layered rather than a straight, blunt cut. A layered bob is a good style for a woman with a round face and straight, fine hair. If you have thick or coarse and curly hair, a short cut that's cropped close around the face and left longer at the crown can be a sexy and flattering look.

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