Christian Environmental Charities

Updated April 17, 2017

There are many charities worldwide that care about the declining environmental situation in the world. Various organisations focus on different aspects of the environment, including climate change, animals and community development. Some of the most established of these organisations are based on Christian values. A basis of Christian faith provides these organisations with an extra essence of self-sacrifice and giving for its worldly purpose.

The John Ray Initiative

This Christian organisation was instituted in the late 1990s for the purpose of protecting the environment by blending the varied knowledge of science, technology and Christianity. The initiative seeks to both raise awareness and understanding regarding environmental issues and encourage effective action toward sustainability. John Ray was a Christian scientist of the 1600s and is the inspiration for the organisation's vision.

A Rocha

As a global organisation, A Rocha reaches many parts of the world, including Lebanon, India, France and Brazil. In these international communities, A Rocha focuses on educating society members about the environment and engaging in nature conservation projects. The organisation also funds expansive environmental research projects. According to their mission, the inspiration and running force of this organisation is God's love, and allowing the organisation's members to find similarities and commonalities to connect with countries across the earth. From humble beginnings with a bird observatory in Portugal in the early 1980s, A Rocha has grown into a cross-continental association.

Catholic Concern for Animals

Catholic Concern for Animals began in the late 1920s when Cardinal Bourne brought together people who felt the same passion for animal welfare. Members of the organisation prayed for animals and evangelised regarding the Bible's teachings on animals. In this organisation, bishops and archbishops are appointed as presidents and a secretary publishes a journal entitled "The Ark" on the interests and activities of the organisation. Their mission continues to be the upholding of fairness and compassion for animals, promoting this topic both with the Christian church and society in general.

Climate Stewards

An initiative of A Rocha, this organisation focuses its efforts on climate change. In partnership with A Rocha's organisations, Climate Stewards is able to reach five continents around the world. It shares a similar vision and approach to A Rocha, spreading awareness, encouraging individual action to support the environment and conducting international projects, such as tree planting, inspired by God's love.

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