Benefits of Fenugreek for Women

Updated February 21, 2017

Fenugreek is an herb that is commonly found in the Mediterranean. While it is often used as a culinary spice, it has also historically been used as an herbal remedy and health supplement. Women especially benefit from supplementing their diet with fenugreek.

Reduced Hot Flushes

Fenugreek contains diosgenin, a compound with properties that are similar to oestrogen. During menopause, women often experience hot flushes due to the reduction of oestrogen produced. The diosgenin found in fenugreek can stimulate the body like oestrogen to help reduce hot flushes significantly.

Increase in Libido

Due to a high concentration of furostanol saponins, fenugreek has also been shown to elevate sexual hormones. This can make it a good remedy for women who feel that their libido is flagging. While fenugreek is not an aphrodisiac, it has been known to make both men and women more interested in intercourse than they would be otherwise.

Reduction of Menstrual Cramps

Women who take fenugreek seeds regularly notice a reduction in the amount of cramps and pain that they experience during their menstrual cycles. Tea that contains fenugreek can also help alleviate menstrual pain.

Reducing Digestive Issues

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, about 75 per cent of all people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are women. Fenugreek is known to help prevent constipation and aid in dissolving excess mucus in the digestive system, which can help minimise IBS. Fenugreek also helps purify blood and maintain metabolism.

Increase in Milk Production

For women who are lactating, milk production can be increased through the consumption of fenugreek. Specifically, the oil found in fenugreek boosts milk production. This is a natural herbal solution for women who are concerned that their milk production is not enough for their newborn.

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