Dreamcatcher Crafts for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

A dreamcatcher is a Native American trinket believed to have the power to push bad dreams away while capturing good and positive dreams. It also makes a great craft that kids will certainly enjoy creating.

Clothes Hanger Dreamcatcher

First, bend a wire clothing hanger into a circle. Next, wrap either yarn or a 1-inch strip of fabric around it tightly. If using fabric, apply white glue first to secure the wrap.

Once you are finished wrapping around the circle, knot the yarn. Picture the round wire like a clock. Pull the yarn towards the circle where 2 o'clock is located. Make a knot without cutting the yarn. Continue doing this around the circle, while making knots at random intervals (total of four knots around the circle).

Create the circle again, but this time knot the yarn instead of the hanger wire when you've reached midway of each section. Secure the yarn in place and then trim it. Add fringes of yarn at the bottom of the dreamcatcher. Slip some feathers and beads on the yarn for embellishment.

Paper Plate Dreamcatcher

Cut out the middle portion of a paper plate until you have a rim of about 2 inches. Next, use a hole punch to punch holes that are 1/2 inch apart around the plate's rim. Take a strip of yarn that is about two arm lengths and tie it on one of the holes. Weave the yarn through each of the holes. Purposely overlap the weaving to create a weblike look.

Add beads, feathers or any desired decoration on the yarn when you've reached midway into the centre. Once done, knot the yarn to secure it. Punch another three holes at the bottom of the dreamcatcher. Attach a 5-inch strip of yarn to each hole. Thread some beads on the yarn and attach a feather on its end. Use markers to add embellishments to the paper plate. Punch a hole at the dreamcatcher's top to attach another piece of yarn--use this to hang the dreamcatcher over the bed.

Twine and Ribbon Dreamcatcher

Cut a thin malleable stick to form a circle and fasten it using twine. Wrap ribbon around the circle. Tie one end of the twine and then weave it across a quarter of the circle. Tie the twine onto the other end of the circle and trim off the excess twine. Go back to the starting point and repeat the process with the twine four times. From the centre of each of the rounds you've made, tie a piece of twine to the other three. Play around with the weaving until you achieve a weblike structure. Add beads on the centre of the dreamcatcher and hang ribbons and feathers at the bottom.

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