Hairstyles for high foreheads

Updated February 21, 2017

For those who have high foreheads, minimising the appearance is often the motivation behind any hairstyle. While it is important to find a style to minimise a high forehead, you should also look for a style that goes well with your overall facial shape. Typically, fringe are used with hairstyles to minimise a high forehead but fringe do not have to be short; they can add volume to the side of the head to offset forehead shapes as well.

Side-Swept Bang

Bangs, especially those that are side swept, cover a majority of the forehead. Bangs are suitable for those with high foreheads because it covers some, but not all of the area of the eyes. Side swept fringe are often textured at the ends, giving the tips of the hair a wispy appearance. The hair is parted on the left or right of the face and the fringe are brushed over the forehead in the opposite direction of the part. Side swept fringe go well with virtually any hairstyle, making them a universal option when trying to minimise a high forehead. To get a side swept bang, have your stylist taper hair in the front of the head so that the shorter part of the bang is near the part and they may be brushed across the forehead.

Straight Bang

To minimise a high forehead entirely, fringe brushed down in front and cut just under the eyebrow are effective in covering the top portion of the face. Bangs that are cut straight across are often referred to as "blunt," but this style may not be suitable for face shapes that have strong, angular features like a square or heart facial type. The most suitable facial type for a straight bang is oval, since there are no pronounced facial angles, and long facial types. For those with a longer face, straight fringe not only minimise a high forehead, but it also balances out proportions of a longer face.

Layered Bang

The layered bang is slightly different from the side swept bang because it is not necessary a style that must be around the eyes as a normal bang would be. Layered fringe may be anywhere from eye length to chin length not only minimising the forehead, but frame the entire face. Layered fringe are ideal for most haircuts to give the style volume and prevent the look from getting "boxy." To get layered fringe, simply have your stylist add face-framing layers into the front of the hair, which will allow you to part your hair on the left, right and middle.

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