Daisy Theme Wedding Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Daisies are cheerful flower that are very popular for weddings. Not only are they popular in bridal bouquets, but they are also a popular inspiration for wedding themes. While daisies are often associated with their yellow and white colouring, a daisy wedding theme can incorporate more aspects of daisies than just their colours. Use the well-recognised shape of the daisy on your stationary. Or use daisies as an accent to other colours, such as daisy accents on bright pink or teal. Be creative when coming up with daisy theme ideas, and you'll be surprised at how original you can be.

Daisy Invitations

Big, overwhelming pictures of daisies will only detract from the words on your invitation, which are the most important part. Daisies can be represented in a pretty, charming way on the wedding invitation. A pretty daisy vine print can be created that will creep out of the corners and up the sides of the invitation. For a more country cottage type of look, a daisy cut out stamp can be used to make a border around the edges of the invitation. A sheet of yellow paper can be placed beneath the cutout to incorporate the yellow into your invitation, or the cutouts can be left open as well.

Daisy Centerpieces

Daisies can be added to your centrepieces to make them the focal point of your table. Artificial or real flowers can be used in the centrepieces; it all depends on the budget available for your wedding. A clear bowl or hurricane vase can be filled with water, and white or clear rocks can line the bottom of the vase. Buds of daisies can then be set afloat on top of the water. White and yellow candles can be set around the bowl or vase. Alternately, one daisy can be placed in a tall, slim vase. If the vase is transparent, the bottom can be filled with clean or white rocks, and a ribbon can be tied around the vase.

Daisy Favors

Daisies make adorable wedding favours. Each guest can be given a small flowerpot with a daisy planted inside. Or give each guest a pack of daisy flower seeds with a little tag that says "Let love grow." Each guest can also be given candy or cookies shaped like daisies, or a box of candy with a small daisy on top of each box. Finally, for a more cosmetic gift, each guest can be given a bottle of yellow lotion or soap with a small daisy glued on the top of the cap.

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