30th birthday present ideas for men

Updated April 17, 2017

A man's 30th birthday is a turning point in his life. For most 30-year-old men, it is the time when he has taken on more responsibility, such as marriage, raising a family and running a household. However, turning 30 is nowhere near older birthday milestones and the gifts you give to men on this occasion should remind them that there is still a long road of life ahead. Since no two 30-year-old men are the same, you should examine his lifestyle before going out and purchasing a gift for his birthday.

A night on the town

Just because the man on the birthday present list is getting older, it does not mean that he cannot enjoy a night out on the town. Tickets to sporting events -- whatever sport he is a fan of -- could be a birthday present from his male friends or male relatives. A pub crawl and survey of nightclubs could follow the sporting event. The man's girlfriend or wife can take him out on the town for dinner, a film and dancing.

A mini-break

Everyone needs an occasional change of scenery, and there is no better time to get away than to celebrate a birthday. For the single 30-year-old man that enjoys life in the fast lane, a trip to London, Amsterdam, Dublin, and other party cities are gift options that close male friends and male relatives, such as brothers and fathers, can give as a birthday present. A wife or girlfriend could plan a romantic couple's getaway trip to a romantic island, such as Jersey or a snow ski resort town, such as Chamonix in France.


For the 30-year-old man who cannot live without the latest technology, the gift options are endless. Since cell phone technology is constantly changing, he will flip over a new smart phone that will allow him to search the Internet, check his e-mail, send text messages, take pictures and use other features. the latest technology in home entertainment Blu-ray disc players. To go with a Blu-ray disc player, package it with a high-definition, flat-screen television. For the 30-year-old birthday boy, who already has a smart phone, Blu-ray disc player or high-definition television, buy bluetooth wireless accessories, like WiFi speakers.

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