Hairstyles to hide gray roots

Finding the right hairstyle and doing proper maintenance is the best way to grey. Hiding grey roots may be difficult, but minimising their appearance can be done with a number of hairstyles. A good hairstyle can help make the roots look less obvious without having to resort to wearing a hat, scarf or thick headband—especially in circumstances that demand you show off your crowning glory.

The Right Hair Care Products

Choose the right hair care products. Volume-creating hair products (shampoo, styling spray, gels, mousses) are very useful in hiding those greys. Avoid using hair care products that weigh down the hair. Keep your hair regularly washed and dried, as dirty, oily and wet roots stand out more dramatically.

You should be concerned not only about your hairstyle but also about the health of your hair. Hair turning grey means the protective cuticle is thinning out, and this can make each strand coarse and more prone to breakage.

Volume and Body

Blow-dry the hair upside down, and avoid slick hairstyles. Adding volume and body to your hair makes around one-quarter of an inch of the growing roots virtually disappear. Remember, the more your roots stand up, the better you can hide your growing grey hair.

Never slick your hair flat, back or to the side. Putting your hair in a ponytail or in a bun exposes the roots even more. If you need to have a ponytail, wear it fairly loose.

Zigzag and Uneven Partings

Part your hair in zigzags instead of a straight, solid line. This avoids exposing your roots to the fullest. It also gives more body to the hair, compared with a flattening look that makes your grey roots more conspicuous. And since you are parting your hair outside the natural direction it falls in, you provide more body to your hairstyle, which covers up grey roots.

Do the zigzag very thinly and unevenly Don’t overdo it by zigzagging perfectly or too widely. Doing so could draw more attention to those hair lines, making your greys more noticeable.

Hair Color Solutions

Camouflage those greys. The standard way of doing this involves hair colour products. Some treatments can be done at home, while others are done in the salon. There are options for temporary colours and those that are more permanent. But outgrowing the colouring is a problem, as the grey roots start appearing again in a few weeks.

According to the hairstyle you choose, you can try instant home remedies like dabbing your eyeshadow brush with water and matt eyeshadow mix (matching the colour of your hair) and applying it to the greys. You can also minimise the sight of those greys with a mascara. Remember that such temporary homemade solutions should not be overdone, to avoid flakes and an unnatural look and texture. These are just handy emergency tips, and it's still better to have actual hair colouring treatments.

You can also opt for highlights. Your visible greys will blend in, especially if your hair has multiple hues.

Shorter Hair Cuts

Keep your hair short but full of body. This helps because ageing hair tends to grow thinner and weaker. Hairstyles to choose from include layered crop cuts, bob haircuts and short shags. Some fringe can help hide the roots. A bit of layers and texturing can create a fun, gently “messy” look that can be styled in a variety of ways. With the help of some gel or mousse, use your fingers to style your hair as you like.

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