Christmas Sunday School Games

Written by alyson paige
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    Christmas Sunday School Games

    Christmas is a festive, celebratory time for Sunday school games. Enjoy the opportunity to teach children in Sunday school about the miracle and hope of Christmas. Engage children of all ages in fun activities that make the Christmas miracle of Jesus' birth a welcome lesson.

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    Shepherd Game

    The Shepherd game invites children into an experience of the shepherds in the biblical Christmas story. The website explains the game's strategy. Before class, draw a winding trail with chalk. Let the path wind through chairs and tables and around the Sunday school room. Prepare three or four boxes. Cut out the ends and tape the boxes to the floor. Divide the class into two teams. Place one team in a line at either end of the chalk path. Each team carries a broom and six cotton balls. Each team must sweep, or herd, the cotton balls to the end of the path. The first team to get to the manger wins. After the game, tell the class the shepherd's role in the Christmas story.

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    Christmas Story Draw

    Children will enjoy drawing scenes from the story of Jesus' birth. Read the Christmas narrative from the gospel of Luke. describes the game. Before class, tape two large sheets of paper to the wall. Set out two boxes of crayons. Divide the class into two teams and line them up in front of the papers on the wall. When you say, "Go," each person in line must run to the paper and draw a scene from the gospel story. When you shout, "Change," the next person must do the same. After the game is over, invite each child to describe his contribution.

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    Gifts From God

    Gift-wrapped boxes make for a fun Sunday school Christmas game., a Sunday school activities website, offers the simple rules. Prepare 10 gift boxes before class. Place a manger with the infant Jesus in one of the boxes. Place a small Christmas card with a picture of each of the Wise Men's gifts in each box. Students guess what the gift is in each box. As students open each box, read the corresponding Scripture verse.

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    Find the Star

    The Star of Bethlehem guided the Wise Men to Jesus on the night of His birth. Let children find the Star of Bethlehem. According to, cut about 20 stars from coloured paper ahead of class. Make all of the stars the same size, except for one, which is a bit larger. Tape the stars all over the walls. Tell the story of the Wise Men, how they followed the star to the newborn Jesus. Explain that the Star of Bethlehem was different from all the other stars. That was how the men knew which star to follow. Tell the children to find the star on the wall that is different from the others, and then to stand by the star they think is different. When you say, "Stop," invite the children to compare the stars to find the one that is different.

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