What Type of Carpet Is Best for Dogs?

Updated November 21, 2016

Dogs are often messy, active animals that can wreak havoc on some types of carpets. This can result in a lot of cleaning and carpet maintenance. Carpets are made out of many different types of materials and come in various styles. Knowing which style works best for a household with a dog can prevent you from having to clean and replace your carpet often, which will save you a lot of money.

Fibre Lengths

Avoid shag carpets with long fibres or carpets with long, looped fibres because your dog's claws can snag one of the fibres or loops and unravel the carpet. Long, thick fibres can also trap and hide dog hair and bits of food among the fibres, which can lead to a dirty, smelly carpet. Carpets with short fibres are better for dogs because the fibres are less likely to get trampled and matted from the dog walking, playing and resting on the carpet.


Carpet made from polythene terephthalate, recycled plastic, is an ideal carpet for households with dogs because the fibres have a strong resistance to damage and stand up well to heavy use. These fibres, known as PET fibres, are stronger than other types of polyester fibres, according to the Carpet Guru website. Another carpet fibre great for households with dogs is polytrimethylene terephthalate, or PTT. PTT is stronger then PET yet is soft and has better colour fastness. One of the most popular carpet fibres is nylon, according to the Pet Animals For All website. Nylon is slightly more expensive than PET or PTT but it is durable and stands up well to heavy foot traffic.

Stain Resistance

Stain resistance is one of the most important issues in a household with dogs because dogs can be messy and often track mud and dirt into the home. Finding a carpet that is resistant to staining yet is easy to clean is important. Avoid carpets made from natural plant fibres such as cotton because this type of fibre easily absorbs stains and odours. Synthetic fibres such as nylon, PET and PTT are best at resisting stains, liquids and odours, and they are easy to clean. Wool carpeting, although a natural fibre, is another type of low maintenance carpeting. Wool carpeting is naturally resistant to soiling, staining and liquid absorption, according to the Carpet Guru website.


Colour is also an important factor to consider when buying a carpet because some colours can hide stains and dirt while others can highlight them. Generally, a dark colour such as brown, black or grey is better than a light colour because it can hide stains and wet spots better. The colour of your dog should also factor into your colour choice decision, especially if you have a longhair dog that sheds a lot. Long white fur on a black carpet will show up easily, especially in the areas that the dog sleeps or rests on. Choosing a colour that closely matches your dog's fur yet still hides dirt and stains is best.

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