Hairstyles for Fine, Wavy Hair

Updated April 17, 2017

Wavy, fine hair can be hard to deal with because both the texture and the thinness of the hair weigh it down. In order to have a great, full-bodied cut the key to is to remove the deadweight from the style and to keep it layered. Wavy hair loves layers because they define the waves and give you a great frame around your face. Thin hair also loves layers because it removes weight, allowing the hair to have more life and volume.

Layered Bob

A layered bob that ends 1 to 2 inches under the chin is a great hairstyle for thin, wavy hair because the light weight of the hairstyle not only gives you a boost in volume but also allows your waves to really shine through. The layers shouldn't be cut more than 3 inches short to keep the integrity of the cut. Also, shorter layers could give your wave pattern an outward flip, which won't rest nicely against your head. The shape of this style helps to frame your face nicely. You can also incorporate side-swept or fringe bangs into this style as well.

Wavy Pixie

A long, textured pixie cut really pops with wavy hair. Be sure to have the stylist cut sides a little shorter than the top but not so much that it looks like you're rocking a longer crewcut. You want enough hair on the top and sides to allow for one or two waves to shine through. You can add some great wispy or side-swept fringe to this 'do to create a look that is unique and stylish. This hairstyle is great for wavy, thin hair because the waves will give it some fun texture while the light weight of the cut will give thin hair a boost of volume. Also, there isn't a lot of hair to deal with, which makes the styling a cinch.


A shaped shag style with layers always looks amazing on fine wavy hair. The wave of your hair will help give the shag shape while the hairstyle will give your fine hair body. The layers will help to keep your hairstyle lightweight, under control and looking fabulous. Be sure to have the shortest layers at no shorter than 2 to 3 inches. If they are shorter, you could be dealing with some unruly flip-outs and odd wave patterns.

Product Tips

Styling products with collagen help to boost the body of your hair. They can be found at your local drugstore. The collagen wraps around the individual layers of the hair and keeps your style voluminous for the entire day. Collagen is water-soluble, so it'll wash right out in the shower.

If you don't have time to blow-dry your hair every morning, be sure to smooth a curl creme into your hair that helps keep frizz and flyaways at bay. The creme tames these problems, leaving your hair looking great even if you didn't have the time to put into styling it in the morning.

Styles to Avoid

Avoid styles that are blunt-cut. Wavy, fine hair will be weighed down by a blunt, one-layer cut and look even thinner.

It is also very important to maintain wavy, fine hair often. Make sure you get your hair trimmed every four to eight weeks to keep split ends at bay. Split ends can ruin even the best wavy hairstyles and make your hair look unruly.

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