Porch Post Ideas

Updated June 26, 2018

The posts of a porch make a strong first impression to the front of a home. They also serve as the support for the porch roof. Finding the balance between function and curb appeal is the key to picking porch posts. Whether you're building a new porch or simply want to update your current porch posts, you'll find many options available. Consider the style of the home when narrowing down the options for the porch posts.

Wood Posts

Wood posts are a common option for front porches. Wooden posts come in a variety of styles and sizes. You'll find both square and round wood posts. Many wood options also include ornate carved designs in the wood. The wood posts can retain a wood grain or you can paint them to match the exterior colour scheme of the home. You can find wood porch posts in a style that fits nearly any home. Scrolls or other decorative braces at the top of the wood posts can add extra style if this porch post option is selected.


Columns replicate ancient architecture. They are typically round and come in different materials. You will find porch columns in both smooth and grooved finishes. Most columns include an ornate piece at the top called the capital. There are many different styles of capitals from very ornate to more simple. The shaft is the main part of the column. Some are the same circumference from top to bottom while others are tapered as they near the top. The base is the final part of the column. It also adds some architectural detail to the columns.


Many newer homes use stone on the exterior of the home. This makes the stone a popular option for the porch posts as well. You can either build the entire post out of stone or surround an existing post with stone. Flat stones work best for this post idea because they won't stick out.


Brick is a classic option that is found on many older homes. It is also an option for newer homes. Many front porches have columns that are brick from top to bottom. You can also plan a column that is half brick with a wooden post or column finishing off the post. If the home has brick on the exterior, choose a brick for the columns that matches or complements the existing brickwork.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron offers another distinct look for front porch posts. The wrought iron posts typically include scroll work from top to bottom. These porch posts look best with wrought iron railings. You'll find different colours of wrought iron posts and railings, including white and black.

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