Ideas for a Brazilian Themed Party

Updated April 17, 2017

Hosting a Brazilian themed party practically guarantees a night of excitement for all of the guests. The lively music alone will keep the party going all night long. If you incorporate Brazilian culture, food and fashion as well, your guests will remember your Brazilian themed party for years to come.

Music Ideas

Music is a major aspect of Brazilian culture and you can't have a Brazilian party without it. Brazil gave the world the samba, the perfect party music. It is lively, fun and easy to dance to. For an extra treat, hire a samba dance teacher to show your guests some new moves.

Costume Ideas

Fashion is important in Brazil. Give your party a dress code, asking guests to wear formal or semi-formal wear that mimics the high fashion of Brazil. You can also ask your guests to wear their favourite current fashion trend to the party.

Food and Drink Ideas

Beer is the drink of choice in most Brazilian homes and would make a great addition to any Brazilian party. You could also serve caipirinhas, a famous Brazilian cocktail made with the sugarcane alcohol cachaca. For food, you can't go wrong serving feijoada, a popular Brazilian black bean dish.

Decoration Ideas

Brazil's national colours--green, yellow and blue--are taken from the surrounding landscape and are proudly displayed on their flag. Decorate your party area with these bright and vibrant colours. Easily change the lighting of the area by switching a few of the light bulbs to yellow, green or blue bulbs instead of plain white ones.

Location Ideas

Brazil is full of beautiful sunny beaches so if possible, have your party at a beach or at a beach resort or restaurant. If this is not possible, recreate the tropical beauty inside by decoratively placing buckets of sand, tropical plants and flowers around the party area.

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