Gift ideas for a lady's 60th birthday

Updated February 21, 2017

Celebrating the 60th birthday of a woman you love, whether she's a friend, your sister, mother, grandmother or your wife, includes making or purchasing a gift that lets her know how much you care. Choose your gift based on her personality and the message you'd like to convey.


Humorous gifts that celebrate being older, such as "over the hill" gifts, may be appropriate if she has a good sense of humour about her age. Memory mints are available, which could serve as a small gag gift. Temporary tattoos for the elderly include images such as a banner with the words "really old school." Giver her a pair of "racing grannies," which are wind up toys that appear to be elderly women with walkers. Or, choose from multiple books that make fun of the ageing process.


Make something for her using any special talents or hobbies that you have. For example, maker her a necklace or bracelet if you enjoy making jewellery. Put together a scrapbook featuring your favourite memory or period of time that you enjoyed with her, such as a favourite vacation or trip you took together. Knit a blanket, sweater, socks or scarf for her if you know how, and she can use such an item. Paint a ceramic figurine that would complement her current collection. Younger children can draw, colour or make a card or poster that would likely mean more to her than a store-bought gift.


Sentimental gifts are a good choice if you want to send her a personal message through your gift. For example, a plaque or framed print that contains a poem or message about a special friend, mother, wife, grandmother or sister would be appropriate if you express your feelings in the message. A mother's ring, family ring or pendant with the birthstones of her husband, children and grandchildren might be an ideal gift from the whole family. Or choose little bear figurines that can be customised to represent the entire family.

A Look Back

Get her something that brings back memories of years gone without making fun of her age, such as candy that she enjoyed as a child. A newspaper from the year of her birth, specifically from the day she was born, might be perfect for a woman who enjoys history or the news. A stamp or coin collection that features pieces from the year of her birth are other ideas for a collector.


Something she can use for her home, such as candles, picture frames, blankets or any other items she can use would likely be appreciated. Shoes, sweaters, socks or other clothing is a practical gift if she could use those items and tends not to buy them for herself. Make her a coupon book with chores or other things she could take advantage of, such as cooking dinner for her, cleaning her house, taking her shopping or whatever she might want or need help with.


Take a vacation that doubles as a family reunion if she always wants the family to spend more time together. Or send her on a vacation with her sisters and friends or her husband. Pamper her for a day by sending her to the spa for a massage, facial, manicure or other treat.

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