Suncatcher Crafts for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Suncatcher crafts are simple projects for kids of all ages to make. Young kids can glue tissue paper to plastic and older kids can simulate stained glass with paint. Hang the suncatchers in a window, on the patio or in a garden for an added pop of colour.

Pierced Paper Suncatcher

A pierced paper suncatcher is a simple way to capture the sunlight. Kids can use construction paper or cardstock to create any shape they like. On one side of the paper, draw lines, circles, waves or other patterns with a light pencil. The kids can use a push pin to puncture holes along the lines to create a pierced pattern.

Tissue Paper Suncatcher

Kids can create a colourful tissue paper suncatcher with plastic sheeting as a support background. Tear several different colours of tissue paper into small pieces and glue them onto a plastic sheet protector that's cut into any preferred shape. Make a border for the suncatcher with construction paper and hang it in the window.

Sea Glass Suncatchers

Colourful sea glass is another craft medium kids can use to create suncatchers. Sea glass comes in a variety of colours and has smooth edges, so the kids can handle it without the risk of being cut. Glue the sea glass to a glass pane from a picture frame with clear-drying jeweller's glue, then glue the glass back inside the frame and hang it in a window.

Painted Suncatcher

Painting a sheet of glass or acrylic with stained glass paint is another way kids can craft a suncatcher. Liquid leading or self-adhesive leading strips create the outlines of the pattern. The kids can fill in between the lines with the stained glass paint. When the paint dries, the colours appear translucent, just like real stained glass.

Glass Bead Suncatchers

Kids enjoy making a suncatcher using colourful glass beads. Many times these beaded suncatchers follow a pattern to create an image. Thread individual strands of beads onto fishing line according to the colours in a pattern. Attach the strands side by side to a frame and the image becomes apparent. The key to making glass bead suncatchers is to use the same size beads throughout the project.

Cellophane Suncatcher

Kids will enjoy creating this simple suncatcher with colourful cellophane sandwiched between two cardboard cutouts. Cut out two identical cardboard shapes, then cut out the centre of each section of the shapes so the cellophane will be visible. Sandwich the cellophane between the two borders and glue the borders together with craft glue to finish the suncatcher.

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