Funny employee award ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Keeping the office environment lighthearted and fun can be a difficult undertaking. Professionals are likely to spend much of their time with work colleagues. But keeping the workplace fun and relatively stress-free fuels teamwork and increased productivity. Rewarding the efforts of staff members with awards is one way to show appreciation and to foster camaraderie.

Know What Workers Do

It is the corky habits and behaviours of employees that make for funny awards. A good question to ask yourself: What is __ known for? Be careful not to reveal, or reward, embarrassing behaviour, and use discretion when attributing awards. The idea is to have fun and not to hurt feelings. If you are unsure of a particular award, consult others around the office.


Some companies provide free, printable pdf files online. is one such company,;some examples of its free awards include: "Spammer of the Month," "Grouch of the Month" and "Bonehead award." Another favourite: "That's Craptastic Award." Other online companies, such as, offer gag gifts (such as staplers that resemble giant pieces of sushi).

Award Bad Behavior?

Awarding bad or nonproductive behaviour might be the best way to get an employee to stop undesirable practices. Does somebody in the office eat other people's food from the community fridge? If so, consider the Most Likely to Eat Your Lunch Award. Or, perhaps a worker spends far too much time on Facebook; give him the Most Consecutive Hours on Facebook Award. Maybe an employee is reclusive: Least Likely to Leave the Cubicle Award. The idea is, anything can be made into an award. The more appropriate the award, the better it will be received.

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