Kings & Queens Costume Ideas for Children

Updated April 17, 2017

Children can dress up as royalty in king and queen costumes for holidays or special events. You can create children's king and queen costumes using materials and items that you have purchased at a store or found around the house. Use your imagination to come up with children's king and queen costume ideas that will not only be creative, but educate them on different topics.

Mardi Gras

In Mobile, Alabama; New Orleans, Louisiana and other cities where Mardi Gras is celebrated, part of the festivities include a royal court that rules over the parades, balls and other events of the season. Dress the children up as junior Mardi Gras kings and queens. Dress the king in a light- or bright-coloured suit, such as white, cream, red or yellow. Pair the suit with a matching bright-coloured shirt, tie, socks and shoes. Dress the queen in a dress that matches the king's suit, with matching shoes and socks. Accessorise the junior king and queen costumes with lots of Mardi Gras beads and white gloves. Create the king and queen's trains using old solid-coloured bed sheets. The trains that are worn by Mardi Gras royalty are personal, so create a design with help from the children. Top off the costumes with king and queen crowns.


Dress the children up as kings and queens that represent one of the four seasons -- fall, winter, spring and summer. A winter king can wear a white suit with matching white shirt, tie, socks and shoes. The winter queen's costume should also be all white, including her dress, socks and shoes. Create icicles with white construction paper and apply it to the costumes. Apply baby powder to the children's faces to create a wintry, chilled look.

Food King

Children can represent a particular food or food group as its king and queen. This children's king and queen costume idea can tie in with a local food event, such as a strawberry festival or a watermelon festival. A strawberry king can wear a red shirt and a red pair of trousers, or a red shirt with green trousers. The strawberry queen should match the king's costume, with a red or green dress with matching socks and shoes. Create a strawberry hat for the king and queen to wear as crowns.

Good Behavior

Create children's king and queen costumes that are inspired by good traits, such as being polite, kind, courteous and generous to others. Create a pageant-style sash for the king and queen to wear over their shoulders and chest, so others can identify their good trait. For a children's king and queen costume that represents being polite, dress the king in a white suit with matching shirt, tie and shoes. The queen can wear a white dress with white socks and shoes. Create signs out of construction paper or index cards that read, "Thank You," "Yes, Sir," "No, Sir" and other polite sayings. Apply the sayings to the costumes.

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