Redneck Costume Ideas

Dress up as a redneck for Halloween or a party. Create the costume from items around the house. The key to a redneck costume to make it look trashy. You can go for comical looks with the costume. The stereotypical redneck look usually involves flannel, beer stains and crooked teeth. Brush up on redneck lingo before the event to complete your costume role.


Dress up as a redneck bride and groom. The groom should wear a stained white shirt, a stained button-up shirt or a flannel shirt. Add dress trousers and suspenders. Wear some type of outrageous tie. You can add a top hat or flower to complete the look. For the bride, wear a ratty-looking white dress. To add more fun to the costume, stuff a pillow or sweater under the dress to make the bride look pregnant.


For a young woman, put on a pair of short jean shorts. Wear a flannel shirt, and tie it in the front so your belly shows. Wear boots. Wear your hair in low pigtail braids, if possible. For an older woman, wear overalls with a belly shirt, jeans and an old T-shirt or strapless sundress with a bikini top. Wear a muumuu, tattered robe or old nightgown for an older redneck. Use wigs, false teeth or make-up to complete the look.


For a young man, start out with denim. Jean, shorts or overalls work well. Wear a shirt if you want, but keep in mind the dress regulations of where you will be. Flannel, white, logo or old T-shirts all work well. Add a pot belly with a pillow, if you want. Stain clothes with tea, or use grass stains. Use wigs, fake teeth and fake facial hair to complete the look.


Complete your redneck look with accessories. Buy buck teeth, gap teeth and other types of fake teeth at costume and party stores. Fake facial hair is available at costume shops. At Halloween, you can find costume items at many stores. The cost of these items around Halloween usually is inexpensive. If you can’t find the perfect wig, buy a cheap one and modify it. Other useful accessories are suspenders, old beer bottles, trucker hats, belts and jugs.

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