Halloween Cake & Cupcake Ideas

Written by emily maggrett
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Halloween Cake & Cupcake Ideas
Black and orange decorations make Halloween cupcakes more festive. (gourmet cupcakes in elegant bakery image by nextrecord from Fotolia.com)

When creating Halloween-themed cakes and cupcakes, your options are as numerous as the holiday's themes and symbols. Use Halloween colours to give your cakes and cupcakes Halloween themes, or use frosting or icing sugar to decorate treats with witches, pumpkins, monsters, ghosts, black cats, skulls and other Halloween motifs. With a little imagination, almost any cake or cupcake can be customised to coordinate with a Halloween party or event.

Colourful Themes

A simple and elegant way to give cakes and cupcakes a Halloween theme is decorate them with frostings, candies, sprinkles and glazes in traditional Halloween colours, such as orange, black, yellow and red. Dye cake or cupcake batter with lively Halloween shades by using food colouring. Try adding orange and black sprinkles to the tops of your cupcakes or studding them with candy corn. Caramel or sugar syrups can be dyed red and drizzled atop your cakes or cupcakes to simulate blood. Black-frosted cakes and cupcakes can be especially striking. Melt extra-dark chocolate and spread it on cakes and cupcakes to bring them over to the dark side.

Flavour Themes

Give your holiday cakes and cupcakes a Halloween touch by using classic autumn ingredients. Pumpkin, zucchini or butternut squash cakes subtly evoke October themes, while spice cakes or cupcakes that incorporate nuts or maple syrup will remind tasters of fall. Devil's food cakes and cupcakes are a clever way to reference Halloween as well.

Spider Themes

Spiders and spiderwebs are cute motifs for Halloween cakes and cupcakes and can be easy to construct. Dye frosting or glaze dyed black and use it to draw spider webs on white-frosted cakes and cupcakes. Add a fat spider by placing a dark cookie, such as an Oreo, on the cake or cupcake, and giving it spider legs made of frosting. Cover cupcakes entirely with black frosting "fur" and add thick strands of liquorice to create spider "legs." Candies or pastilles transform into spider eyes and mouths. Stencil spider webs onto the treats by frosting them black and sprinkling icing sugar onto them through a web stencil.

Scary Themes

Ghosts, witches, black cats and eyeballs are timeless Halloween images. Try using mounded meringue with black candy eyes to make cakes and cupcakes truly ghostly. Stencil ghost shapes with icing sugar. Add black cats with stencils using powdered or regular sugar dyed black. For adult eaters, sweet cakes and cupcakes that have been dusted with espresso powder shapes may prove a sophisticated treat. Frost cupcakes into bloodshot eyes by using the appropriate coloured frosting. Black-frosted ice cream cones help transform cupcakes into witches' hats. Marshmallows can be cut into skull shapes and used to top black-frosted cupcakes. An easy motif is to write messages in icing such as "Boo!," "Happy Halloween" and "R.I.P."

Jack 'O' Lantern Themes

If you are adept at baking, attempt a jack-o'-lantern cake. These are made using two half-sphere baking pans, which join to make a three-dimensional pumpkin. Frost it to look like a healthy ripe pumpkin or a carved one. An easier way to make cakes and cupcakes that look like jack-o'-lanterns is to frost their tops orange and use black candies to give them eyes and mouths. An even simpler option would be to top frosted cakes or cupcakes with small, pumpkin-shaped candies.

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