Easy Celebrity Costume Ideas

Written by elissa bassini
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Easy Celebrity Costume Ideas
The easiest celebrity costumes take inspiration from the most easily recognisable celebrity looks. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Celebrity looks often make for the easiest costumes, by nature readily replicable and recognisable. These inspired costumes are as simple as they come, channelling pop culture's most iconic names' most iconic images. The celebrities succeeded in making their original looks notorious; all you have to do is borrow creatively to win your real-life dress-up game.

Robert Pattinson's Sparkly Vampire

Easily the most recognisable face in pop culture's happening vampire scene, Robert Pattinson's sexy, sullen Edward Cullen of "Twilight" makes for a snap of a costume. Emulating RPattz's vampy heartthrob takes only adopting on your own face Edward's defining features: inhumanly coloured eyes; translucent white skin; menacingly pointed incisors; studly James Dean hair; and, of course, sparkliness. Your supernatural makeover is, accordingly, as easy as this facial agenda: brightly hued contacts, pasty concealer, plastic fangs, hair gel and powdered glitter. Once your head's imbued with this Cullen-essence, don a brooding trench coat and call it a bloody good night.

Easy Celebrity Costume Ideas
Robert Pattinson's sparkly "Twilight" vampire is a simple, memorable costume for revellers of any age. (Hemera Technologies/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Lady Gaga's Meat Dress

Lady Gaga's "meat dress," donned for MTV's 2010 Video Music Awards, is infamously the most jaw-dropping of all outrageous looks in celebrity culture lore. The pop diva's ensemble --- complete with bonnet and heels --- was made entirely of real raw meat. Whatever shock value statement Gaga was going for, though, her beef-slabbed aesthetic is prime to mine for your costume's entertainment value, happily absent the original's sanitary concerns. Simply attach fake meat-themed novelty items (cows, steaks, ribs) to a red T-shirt, hat and shoes; add a platinum wig and red pout, and you'll be raring to go Gaga.

Justin Bieber

For a teeny-bopper icon so adored as to spawn his own fandom disease (that would be "Bieber Fever," for those yet to succumb), Justin Bieber's style is stunningly simple; it's indeed as if young Justin packs magic in his glowing head of hair, for its swoosh 'n' swoop is itself enough, visually, to make "The Biebs" distinctively so. Thus, while Bieber-decibel swoons likely won't greet your incarnation, his look is so effortless it'll as likely impart some Bieber-mojo respect. You'll need only styling product, a blow dryer and photo to get his signature angled fringe sufficiently reminiscent. Dig up a hoodie and high-tops to top and bottom it off.

Easy Celebrity Costume Ideas
For a Justin Bieber celebrity costume, the simply swoon-worthy identifying signature is all in the hair. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian

Unless you've spent the early century under a media-less rock, you've likely heard the name "Kim Kardashian." That said, you might be largely clueless to whom the name refers, except for that its owner also owns a notoriously enormous derrière, along with a suspiciously leaked sex tape that made her famous via broadcasting said asset. Surmise that Kim's face is distinguishable by intense make-up, and she's an instantly recognisable costume. Create it from the three steps it took for its "celebrity" to become one: preposterously enhanced posterior -- stuff handily; videocamera -- identifying prop; and heavy metallic make-up -- eyes, lips and cheeks.

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