Hairstyles with lowlights

Updated April 17, 2017

Instead of getting blonde or light brown highlights in dark hair, some people like to get lowlights. Lowlights are streaks of colour darker than the natural hair, applied just like highlights across the crown of the head. There are many ways you can use lowlights to play up dull hair colour or add a completely new edge and dimension to your hairstyle.

Dip-Dye Lowlight Hairstyle

Dip-dye lowlights are a funky option for people with razor cuts or edgy, chunky hairstyles. With dip-dye, the ends of your hair are dyed a darker colour than the rest of your hair, making them stand out against your clothing like a dark fringe. Usually this is done around the bang area or on the bottom layer of a short haircut. Some colour variations you might consider are dark brown or black lowlights in blonde hair, or dark brown underneath burnt orange or rust hair.

Subtle Lowlights in Long Hair

If you'd like a natural look, opt for long layers with lowlights. Give your hair a warm feeling by pairing highlights just slightly lighter than your own hair colour with lowlights just barely darker. This gives your hairstyle a sophisticated colour without making it pop out unnecessarily.

Woven Lowlight Hairstyle

The Woven lowlight hairstyle is often applied in short or medium-length hair. With this style, lowlights are alternately woven into your hair in every other section, giving the crown a striped appearance. You can pair one or several colours of lowlights using this method, but stick with just one or two colours for an everyday look you can sport anywhere, not just at a nightclub.

Chunky Lowlight Hairstyle

You can get a chunky lowlight hairstyle the same way people often get chunky highlights. The darker colours are applied in thicker portions all over the top of the head, unlike the typical highlights and lowlights that subtly pull colour out of the hair. With these lowlights, you'll see a heavier concentration of colour with each section.

Two-Tone Lowlights

Some longhair individuals enjoy a darker underneath layer of hair, so when they pull their hair in a ponytail or do braids, the colours are distinct from the rest of the hair. With this technique, you can often get a darker colour all over the bottom half of your hair and apply lowlights in the middle and under portions to tie the hair colours together. You don't want to be able to see a distinct difference in the two colours; it should be gradual.

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