Loft Furniture and Decorating Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Whether you live in a loft or just want to outfit your home with loft-style furnishings and accessories, this look incorporates some ingenious design elements. Hidden storage, multiple functions, repurposed pieces, do-it-yourself projects and large-scale artistic elements characterise loft decor. Personalise your loft interior by showcasing collections, family heirlooms or a gallery of photographs.

Loft Color Schemes

Establish a colour scheme in your loft interior. If your loft is a warehouse conversion or has industrial elements such as exposed pipes, ducts and ceiling beams, many people opt to keep these uncovered and unpainted, to highlight the building's original purpose. Exposed brick, stone and galvanised steel may also stay unfinished or, for a subtle brightening effect, get a thin coat of whitewash that allows the underlying textures and colours to snow through. Modern, contemporary and industrial styles predominate in loft decor, so use minimalist colour schemes integrating white, cream, steely blue, stone grey or soft black. A hand-painted mural, bold wallpaper or wall decals can give an accent wall graphic pop.

Loft Furniture

Furniture options and arrangements for your loft will depend upon your space constraints and floor plan. If you have a wide open loft space, large pieces that can serve as room dividers personalise the interior. Try a tall, well-anchored bookcase to set off your living room from your dining area; a loft bed behind a tri-fold Shoji screen or a floor-to-ceiling curtain will give your sleeping quarters more privacy. Modular pieces with curving frames and minimal ornamentation have a hip, modern aesthetic. Furniture frames may consist of stained wood or metals such as stainless steel, chrome or copper. For an arty look, paint an old wooden door with an abstract design and place it behind your bed to use as a headboard.

Loft Accessories

Textiles, artwork and lighting help define open loft spaces. Use large throw rugs, modular carpet tile, runners or mats to delineate areas for sitting, eating, working and sleeping. Bright or boldly patterned floor cushions, throw pillows, curtains and upholstery make individual spaces stand out rather than blurring into the background. Devote wall space to artwork of all media and formats. Large, bold paintings work well on walls that extend more than one story, while a thematic triptych or colletion of smaller pieces can decorate a mantel, floating shelf or the space above your bed. Avoid overhead fluorescent lighting which makes loft interiors feel cold and impersonal. Instead, install track or recessed lighting for a streamlined look and supplement it with sleek pendant lights, a funky chandelier, a bouquet of brilliant paper lanterns, table lamps and floor lamps. Shine miniature gallery-style spotlights on key artwork.

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