Party Games for Christian Women to Play

Updated March 23, 2017

Christian women can experience fun and fellowship together by participating in party games that also bring their faith into focus. Games need not be elaborate or complicated to be entertaining or enriching. Some games introduce strangers to one another, while other games get good friends warmed up for the rest of the evening's events. Keep a small assortment of Christian gifts on hand like pins, pocket-sized Bibles or crosses to give out to the winners.

Biblical Scavenger Hunt

A leader divides the women into two or three or groups and directs them to find and produce items during this church-related scavenger hunt. The items can be placed throughout the home or church before the women arrive. Items should be Biblical or church-related in nature, such as a women's' devotional Bible, altar candles, a hymnal, a Christian book or bookmark, a cross or a church bulletin. The first group of women to come up with all the items on the list wins.

Women of the Bble Charades

Charades is enjoyable to play and encourages team interaction. Bible Charades provide a way for women to strengthen their knowledge of the heroines of the Bible and of God's Word. Create two teams and challenge the women to silently but dramatically act out the stories of the most famous women of the Bible, such as Eve, Sarah, Esther, Delilah or Mary of Nazareth. If the team members guess the story that is being acted out, they get a point. Award additional points to the team for knowing the Bible scripture reference. When the game is over, read from the Bible and discuss the story in detail.

Ten Commandments Hot Brick

Christian women with a fun streak will enjoy playing this version of musical chairs. Instead of using chairs, the women pass a fake brick from person to person as the music plays. Select a contemporary worship song everyone enjoys. When the music stops, the woman holding the brick is put on the spot to recite one of the Ten Commandments. It may seem easy at first but if they can't recite one, they are out. To make it extra challenging, make the first answer count, so if they repeat one that has already been recited by another woman, they are out.

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