Children's Captain Hook Costume Ideas

Written by gerri blanc
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Children's Captain Hook Costume Ideas
A pirate ship's lookout (pirate image by astoria from

Creating a unique costume from items you find at home and second-hand stores will save you a lot of money and give you something fun to do with your child. A Captain Hook costume made from relatively simple-to-find items will help your child to look just as villainous and silly as Peter Pan's mortal enemy.

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The Hook

The whole costume centres around the hook, so creating the hook should be first on your list of things to do. You can either find a cheap hook that your child can grip, or make your own hook using a wire coat hanger. All you need to do is get some wire cutters and cut one side of the hanger at the very base of the hook shape. Then, stretch the remaining wire into a straight line beneath the hook. Cut the wire at a suitable spot so that your child has enough wire to hold so that he can hold the hook underneath his costume. Ensure safety by neatly wrapping the wire hanger in duct tape, especially at the ends of the hook.

Children's Captain Hook Costume Ideas
Wire hangers (hangers image by peter Hires Images from

The Outfit

You will need to find and alter materials in order to clearly present Captain Hook at his best. An oversized puffy-sleeved white button up shirt will work for the top, or you can simply go with a long-sleeved white shirt. A red-velvet jacket would be ideal to pair with the white shirt, though any red suit jacket will be fine. If you cannot obtain a puffy-sleeved white shirt, you may want to find or make a white, lace cravat that wraps around the neck, creating a puffed, scarf-like look. The end of the shirt sleeves should peek out under the wrists of the jacket.

For the bottoms, you will want both white stockings and red stretch trousers that extend slightly past the knee. Put the white stockings on your child first, and then dress him in the red stretch trousers. You can finish the main outfit with any black dress shoes.

Children's Captain Hook Costume Ideas
A red suit jacket like this one will work (wind in hair image by from

Hair and Accessories

To finish the costume, you will want to find a black wig with a length that goes down to the shoulders. In the Disney Movie, "Peter Pan," made in 1953, Captain Hook had straight, shoulder length black hair. In other incarnations of Hook, including 2003's live action version, "Peter Pan," Captain Hook had an 18th century-inspired hairstyle with the signature curls. On top of the wig, wear a tricorne-styled hat, coloured red. You will want to add a large white feather to the back of the hat's rim. An excellent accessory to add to the costume is a fake, silver sword which your child can carry around with him to further emulate the Captain in all his villainy.

Children's Captain Hook Costume Ideas
An example of a black wig you can use (maid image by mark smith from

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