Employee award ceremony ideas

Written by dee striker | 13/05/2017
Employee award ceremony ideas
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Company award ceremonies are opportunities to highlight employee achievements. Whether the event is a glamorous black-tie affair or a casual break-room presentation, appreciation is the objective of the ceremony. Go beyond refreshments and long speeches to motivate the employees. Use thoughtful awards to create a memorable and enjoyable employee award ceremony.

Awards for New and Long-Time Employees

Recognise the achievements of long-time employees as well as the potential of new hires. Bestow veteran employees with plaques and awards that reflect their specific contributions to the company. For newer employees, offer encouragement by acknowledging potential, initiative and early achievements. Cutting Edge PR notes that acknowledging individual achievements increases happiness and productivity in employees. Create award categories that honour large, long-term accomplishments as well as the fulfilment of daily work that anchors the company.

Fun Award Categories

Insert humour into the ceremony by offering awards with lighthearted titles. Consider the internal jokes and quirks when making titles for the awards. For example, make a set of high school-like superlative awards with titles such as Most Athletic, Most Likely to Leave the Refrigerator Door Open and Most Community Oriented. Give awards that reflect the subject of the superlative. For example, the most community-oriented employee receives paid leave to do motivational speaking at local high schools. According to I Do Inspire, recognition of specific achievements that reflect personal knowledge of an individual is the most effective type of acknowledgement.

Company History Presentation

Create a dynamic, engaging presentation about the company's history. Use visual and audio aids to tell the company's biography. Decorate the room with photographs and artefacts. Ask retired employees to return and offer their memories of the company. According to My Expression, a well-done company timeline reminds veteran workers of the legacy they leave with the company and inspires newer employees to contribute to the company's achievements.

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