Bridal Hairstyles With Hats

Updated February 21, 2017

A stylish wedding hat adds a sophisticated and chic element to any wedding dress, according to fashion editor Heather Levine of the wedding planning site, Paired with the right veil, dress, and accessories, a wedding hat makes a bold fashion statement. Avoid overwhelming or underwhelming your look by selecting a hairstyle that complements the type of hat selected.

Cocktail Hat and Updo

Add flair to your look with a small, brimless cocktail hat perched on top of classic upswept hair. Accent this hat with feathers or flowers--consider covering the entire cocktail hat with ostrich feathers or marabou to add colour to your wedding look. Types of hats in this category include the beanie, toque, and the pancake. This look works well with virtually any bridal gown silhouette. Use it as a headpiece with a traditional veil, or attach a small net veil to cover only part of your face.

Pillbox Hat and Sleek Hair

Update the classic pillbox hat look made famous by Jackie Kennedy Onassis in the 1960s by pairing it with smooth, stylish hair, such as a chin-length bob or shorter hairstyle. Brides usually wear the small, round and brimless pillbox hat centred on the top of their heads or towards the back. If you decide to wear it with upswept hair, keep the design simple and sleek--try a low side ponytail or polished bun. Unless you intentionally want a vintage look, avoid bouffant hairstyles. Choose a veil in a lightweight fabric, such as netting in a fingertip or shorter length. While this look works especially well with a tailored wedding suit or fitted sheath gown, it complements virtually any bridal gown silhouette.

Picture Hat and Flowing Locks

Pair a large picture hat with long wavy hair for a romantic look that conjures up old-fashioned garden parties. Brides traditionally wore this wide-brimmed hat, often made of straw or horsehair and adorned with bows, organza, and feathers, at formal daytime weddings. Most veil lengths work well with this hat, from nose-length to full-length. Avoid being overwhelmed by the hat by selecting a hairstyle with volume. Because of the size of this hat, expect to wear it during the ceremony and remove it for the reception. Style your hair in a fashion that looks good with or without the hat. Any bridal gown silhouette works with this hat style, especially full ball gowns. The size of the hat helps balance the volume of a ball gown skirt.

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