Household Uses of Pulleys

Updated February 21, 2017

Pulleys are great gadgets that allow you to lift and move things from one stationary place to another using a rope. The word “pulley” is derived from the Greek word “polos” which means axis. The wheel and grove system of the pulley is an axis. Pulleys can help you move heavy objects due to their axis design. Pulleys can be used around your house to help in all types of jobs. They can help you access things that are too high to get to and lift things up to you so you don't have to carry them.


A clothesline on a pulley system works well for apartment dwellers. The rope slides between the two pulleys allowing you to hang your clothes across an entire clothesline high up off the ground. The space to hang the clothes on the rope comes to you instead of you walking along the clothes line to get to it. Without the pulley system this high rise clothesline would not be possible.


Birdfeeders work best when they are high up off the ground on a pole. This keeps the small animal predators away from the feeding birds. If you put the birdfeeder too high up, you will never be able to stock it with bird seed. Use a pulley system on a pole to raise and lower a feeding platform for the birds. Put a hole in the middle of a small piece of plywood to use as a feeding platform and fit it over a tall pole. Slide it up and down the pole using a pulley system. You can bring the platform down everyday to fill it with food. It is much like running a flag up and down the flag pole

Stair Helpers

If you live in a house that you need to walk up or down many stairs to get to, then bringing your groceries in has to be a painstaking task. Devise a pulley system with some baskets attached to the rope so you can put your items in the basket and pull them to your front door. This will also work on a smaller scale with baskets on a pulley going up to your second floor in your house. Stairs inside your home are forever seeing piles of things that need to go up or down the stairs. Use this pulley system to make life easier.


When working on the roof replacing shingles, instead of carrying them all up the ladder, put together a pulley system so someone can just place them on a small platform and you can pull them up to you. This makes the job much easier and it will get done in less time than if you had to make all those trips up and down.

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