Brick Porch Ideas

Few building materials provide as classic and elegant a look as brick. It is extremely versatile, having many applications for both the interior and exterior of your home. When it comes to your porch, there are a variety of ways to incorporate brick so your exterior has a warm, traditional look that gives your home curb appeal and makes guests feel welcome.

Brick and White Railing

If your home's facade is brick, a brick porch is an ideal fit because it blends seamlessly with the house. However, depending on the size of your home and porch, you may find that using a brick wall or railing to enclose the area does not provide enough contrast to make your exterior standout. Combining a brick porch with a white railing is an attractive alternative, particularly if your porch features red brick. You can opt for wood railing and paint it white yourself or use pre-painted vinyl or aluminium railing. The white breaks up all of the brick at the front of your home and provides a fresh, crisp look that never goes out of style.

Brick Columns

When your home has a brick facade but your porch base is another material such as wood or stone, your exterior may look disjointed. Using brick columns to support your porch's overhang is an ideal way to tie the porch and exterior together and give your home a cohesive look. You may opt for two very wide brick columns that provide an open look for the porch or go with several thinner columns if you prefer a more structured design. Make sure to match the brick in your columns to the brick in your facade so your exterior does not look too busy.


Like any outdoor structure, a brick porch is usually not usable when the weather turns cold. To prolong the amount of time that you can sit on your porch and enjoy the scenery, consider incorporating a fireplace in its design. Because the porch itself is brick, a brick fireplace surround blends seamlessly and provides an ideal spot to create a seating area on your porch. You can build your fireplace on a sidewall, outer wall or corner of your porch, depending on its size and layout. A corner fireplace is usually the most cost effective, though it may not be a good option if your porch has vaulted ceiling.

Faux Brick

If you like the idea of a brick porch but find that it doesn't fit your budget, you may want to consider a faux brick product for your structure. Stamped concrete is a budget-friendly alternative that is pressed with a pattern that mimics the look of brick. If you stain the concrete an appropriate colour, the effect is realistic. If you have an existing concrete porch, you can cover it with a concrete overlay and use stencils to create a bricklike effect. Both of these treatments mimic grout lines as well, so the overall look is authentic while remaining budget-friendly.

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