Colors for an October Wedding

Updated November 21, 2016

The easiest place to start for selecting the colour palette for October weddings is in the season surrounding the month. Autumn is full of bold and vivid colours from which to choose. Wedding planners offer a variety of October palettes to choose from, and for those not using a wedding planner, bridal shops and florist are good place to start when selecting wedding colours.


Since October is the proud host of Halloween, theming a wedding after the most popular Halloween colours of orange and black is not unheard of, and in more recent years has become a favourite among young brides. White and/or yellow can be added to the colour palette to add light to such brazen colours. When using Halloween as a theme, consider adding shades from the flowers chosen for the event or having the flowers dyed to match the colour palette chosen.

Other holidays in October are Columbus Day and Union Nations Day. Columbus Day colours would include shades of blue, white, red and brown. Union Nations Day colour palettes can be pulled from the flags of any member of the United Nations. Both of these holidays offer a different perspective to traditional colours picked in October.


Elegant October weddings take traditional fall colours and add shimmer and richness to them. Consider the softest of browns resulting in champagne colours, warm mochas and rich chocolates. Complement them with orange and yellow choices in burnt ambers and butters. Add dashes of reds in the shades of sunsets, cinnamons and fired apples. Using recognised autumn hues in fabrics that are sheer, silky and that glisten in the light add a level of luxury to the wedding. Flowers of the season are readily available in these colours. Visiting a local florist may help define specific colours should the bridal couple be unsure of what to choose.


Playful weddings can benefit from reds and purples, giving them gypsy flair. Bright yellows can be infused to add a burst of sunshine into dark colours. Shades of rose and mauve can soften the bright colours or can be used instead of their bright counterparts. Playful weddings in October achieve their colour palette from mood and tradition. Not all wedding parties are looking for proper and sombre events; some are looking for the celebration to go along with the happiness. Some may find themselves pulling from summer colours to complete their palette. Since October is at the beginning of autumn and people are still feeling the after effects of summer, using summer colours such as greens, blues and pinks is perfectly acceptable. Adding touches of these colours will liven up a sedate or not-quite-summer palette.

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