Paracord braiding projects

Updated March 23, 2017

Nylon parachute cord -- also known as paracord or 550 cord -- has become a popular material to use for knotting and braiding projects that produce useful items. Paracord comes in a wide variety of colours and thickness and is a useful outdoor and survival tool. A completed paracord project packed in your rucksack could be the source of cord in a survival situation. Paracord projects are made using a series of knots to end up with a useful item.


A lanyard is a good starting project for learning to knot paracord. A lanyard is made with a single piece of paracord and provides an attachment cord for your important stuff. The lanyard has a clip on one end and the other can be a key ring, pocket knife, or even your mobile phone.


A bracelet from paracord using a side release buckle could be your next project. The buckle is like the plastic buckles on backpacks and messenger bags. Once completed, a cord bracelet provides a handy way to carry around 2.75 metres (3 yards) of paracord for when you need it most. The ultimate expression of the bracelet is the rescue belt, in which you wear the paracord as a belt. A slip-on bracelet without a buckle is another option.


A paracord watchband is simply the bracelet style of knot tying done twice. The same type of side-release plastic buckle can be used to provide a secure-fitting watch. The watchband is a truly useful project, so this may be the project to learn some new knots for an interesting look.


Paracord pouches can be used for many different applications. Hikers may want to have pouches for their multi-tools, GPS receivers or flashlights. You can also make a beer can cosy from paracord. Another interesting project is a glow-in-the-dark paracord pouch made from nylon cord that lights up at night.

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