Advantages & disadvantages of cell phones and emails

Written by gregory hamel
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Advantages & disadvantages of cell phones and emails
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E-mail and mobile phones are two modern types of communication that are increasingly becoming the standard method for remote communication. Modern e-mail and cell phone technology has many benefits over other forms of communication. Still, cell phones and e-mail have several significant drawbacks, which can make them unsuitable for certain types of correspondence.


Perhaps the largest advantage of cell phones and e-mail over other types of communication is convenience. Cell phones allow users to make calls at any time from almost anywhere so long as their phone receives coverage. This can be very important in emergency situations. Similarly, e-mails can be sent from any computer that is connected to the Internet and the messages are delivered almost instantaneously to the recipient, who can check and read the messages at his leisure.


A potential drawback of using cell phones and e-mail is a lack of privacy. For instance, e-mails are saved on a computer, and oftentimes passwords are also saved, meaning other users of your computer might be able to gain access to your e-mails. Furthermore, you often use cell phones in public places where other people can hear your conversation, which can be awkward if the direction of the conversation becomes too personal. E-mails are also considered informal, and do not carry the same degree of personal connection and care as receiving a handwritten note or letter.

Data Communication

Another advantage of cell phones and e-mail is the ability to send data to others. When talking over a standard telephone or writing a letter, your options for sending things like photos or computer documents are limited. With e-mail, data files can be sent as attachments and web links can be included to allow recipients to access relevant information quickly. Cell phones also have the ability to send text messages which can be useful if the person you are contacting is not able to pick up the phone and talk.


One of the most important downsides to cell phone and e-mail use is safety. Using cell phones while driving can increase the likelihood of getting into an accident, and phone use can even cause bodily injury when walking due to decreased awareness. E-mail accounts can open a user up to identity thieves that may pose as the user's bank or other authority figures in an attempt to steal vital financial or personal information. E-mail accounts are also commonly subjected to "spam," or unwanted messages that sometimes contain harmful data like viruses.

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