Hairstyles for Men in Their 50s

Updated February 21, 2017

Hair is a fun, flexible accessory that can be styled casual for a sports event or sophisticated for a business meeting or night out. Although women are often associated with hair products and styles, men's hair is every bit as adaptable. For men in their 50s, who may be facing greying or age-related hair loss, hairstyling can actually work to mask the ageing effects and draw attention to other attractive features on the man's face.

Taper Fade

Super short cuts and fades have long been popular with the military, but civilian men have adopted them as well for their zero maintenance, high style and ageing-process masking abilities. The style revolves around a razor-shaved head but with length varying. Hair is slightly longer on the top and grows shorter down to the nape of the neck. This is not a mullet. The taper fade is a stylised look where hair is close to the same length all around. Men looking for a bit of an edge can do a taper fade with a slight extra bit of hair left on the top, then using wax, shape that hair up into spiky pieces for a bit of a Mohawk. The taper fade works to mask ageing because, for men who are experiencing hair loss in their 50s, the shorter the hair, the less obvious thinning patches become. The taper fade also draws attention to the man's eyes, mouth and cheekbones.


Whether you grew up enjoying the musical style of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash or are just enjoying the recent resurgence of new wave rockabilly music, you can achieve the cool hairstyle with a few quick steps and products. The look is perfect for men in any occupation because of its versatility. It can be enhanced for a night out or concert or toned down for the boardroom and school.

To achieve the look requires medium length hair to be blown dry and combed straight back from the forehead. Rockabilly style goes hand in hand with shine, so get a heavy pomade (or to stay true to 50s style, grease) and work it through your hair from front to back. Then aim the hair dryer at your forehead from underneath (taking care not to blow air directly into your eyes) and work to get the front of your hair fluffed up as high as possible. Rockabilly style is all about the height. Turn sideways, if your hair resembles a wedge, you're rocking the rockabilly.

The Clooney

Although properly titled the Caesar, the Clooney (or the George Clooney, named after the actor who made the style explode into popularity when he wore it during his run on the tv show, "ER") is an appropriate style for men in the 50s. It supports all facial features but is particularly appropriate for men experiencing age-related hair loss. Its close-cropped style (hair is cut to within 1-2 inches all over the head) masks any thinning or balding patches. It also looks sophisticated on grey hair (as compared to longer grey hair, which due to its rougher texture, can look stringy). To achieve the style, hair is cut and then a bit of the fringe pushed forward toward the forehead and worked through with a gel or mousse. Bangs are usually cut severely straight across the forehead, giving them that rectangular, block look. The style is low-maintenance. Simply towel dry and spread a bit of gel or mousse on your hands, run them through your hair and go.

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