Jobs that offer free housing

In hard economic times, just paying the rent can seem like an economic expense that is hard to justify. You can stop paying the rent by switching careers into one that provides housing free of charge as one of the benefits. Free housing allows you to save more of your salary and takes a major monthly money worry off your shoulders. Most jobs with free housing also have the benefit of placing you in the workplace so that transportation cost are eliminated or reduced as well.

Live-in caretaker

Live-in caretakers usually live on site in blocks of flats, sheltered housing schemes and schools in their own private residence. In order to become a caretaker you don't need any special qualifications, but you will need maintenance skills such as plumbing, electrical and gardening. Other duties might include showing available flats to potential tenants, rent collection and availability during office hours to help residents. Caretaker positions vary widely, with some offering just housing for part-time work and others offering full salary plus housing for full-time positions.

English teacher abroad

The demand for English teachers worldwide is huge, as many countries are trying to globalise their workforce, and English is the common tongue of the modern business world. Many universities and English schools in countries such as China, Japan and Russia offer free housing as part of the compensation package to native English-speaking teachers. The most sought-after and highest-paying English teaching positions require a degree and certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, or TEFL. Other countries may not have such stringent requirements, but may not pay as much either, although many still offer free housing as part of the package.

Adventure guide

In many of the world's most scenic, but out of the way places, tour companies hire adventure guides to take clients on hiking, rafting, mountaineering, kayaking, sport fishing, surfing, bicycling or any number of guided outdoor activities. Positions with these adventure tour companies usually include basic accommodation as part of the package for the simple reason that often there are no other lodging options available in the surrounding area. While some adventure guide positions that offer free housing are year-round opportunities, many are seasonal, so you may need to have another housing option lined up in three to six months after the job ends. One of the advantages however, to living and working in a remote area is that it is hard to spend money, and most of these adventure guide positions allow you to save money in a relatively short period of time.

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