Crazy Scavenger Hunt Ideas for People in Their Twenties

Written by scott damon
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Crazy Scavenger Hunt Ideas for People in Their Twenties
Make a map that guests must use to find scavenger hunt items. (Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images)

If you're tired of the same old idle adult party where people chit chat while sipping a glass of wine and hovering over a cheese tray, then mix it up with a crazy scavenger hunt. Just because you are in your 20s, does not mean you still can't act like a kid gallivanting around on a scavenger hunt with your friends.

Bachelor or Hen Party

Before some couples get married, they choose to have one last night of fun with close family and friends of the same sex. While strip clubs, dancing and bar hopping are all common things that occur, you can add an extra activity to the evening in the form of a scavenger hunt. Create a list of items that the bachelor or bachelorette group must obtain over the course of the evening. Getting underwear from the opposite sex, a picture being kissed on the cheek by the opposite sex, the bartender's signature and even phone numbers can all be items on the list. Just remember to keep the fun clean, as there is a couple that is betrothed to be married. The bride and groom can even peak at each other's list to make sure they are OK with the scavenger hunt items.

City or Town Hunt

Instead of restricting the hunt to one area, create a list that encompasses an entire city. Find locations such as the town hall, fire brigade, state parks and local businesses where guests must take a picture during the course of the scavenger hunt. You can add crazy things that people must do in each of these locations. For example, they might have to write their name in chalk in front of city hall, sing to strangers in the park, take a photo in the city jail or even have the entire group go down a slide together on a playground. Create the list specifically for the locations in your city and town.

Backwards Drive-Through

Many cities and town have several fast-food restaurants. Give the people attending your party exactly one hour to go through as many drive-throughs as they can and order at least one thing. The catch is the group must go through backwards and get a picture of it. If the restaurant refuses service, then it does not count. If the scavenger hunt team is large, they can split up into multiple cars to try to hit as many locations as possible. The one with the most after an hour wins.

Video Scavenger Hunts

Long gone are the days when a large VHS tape had to be loaded into a video recorder to make a home movie. Now, computers, cell phones, MP3 players and other personal electronic devices have video capabilities installed--not to mention the size of a video camera has shrunk considerably. Create a list of crazy things your friends must do; however, to officially cross it off the list, it must be placed on video. Ideas include forming the word "happy" using their bodies with others in the group, giving random bouquets of flowers to several people, climbing a tree as a group and even a video of the group playing leap frog in the park. The sillier the event, the better the video. You can even give your party guests time to upload their movie and edit it for a half-hour before presenting it to the group.

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