Layered hairstyles with a side fringe

Updated February 21, 2017

Layered hair is light, playful and easy to maintain. To keep your fringe from looking too severe, fringe bangs add additional layers to your hairdo. Many layered haircuts with side fringe are based on traditionally short haircuts, including the pixie and the bob. Longer styles have incorporated layering, side fringe and long bangs as modern accents.

Side Fringe with Long Cut

If you're considering adding fringe to your layered haircut, but aren't sure how that would suit your face, a layered cut with side fringe bangs makes a nice transition.

For this cut, some of the front hair is cut into fringe that fall between the eyebrow and the bottom of the ear. These long fringe can be worn swept to one side or parted on either side of the face. Shorter, soft layers near the ears and alongside the face can help blend the fringe in with the hair.


Gamine means short and playful. Gamine cuts include the pixie, a very short shaggy hairdo, but most gamine cuts allow for longer hair. Many gamine cuts feature choppy or chunky layers of hair. Gamine cuts may combine longer side fringe with shorter hair on the sides and top of the head. The overall feel of a gamine cut is playful, lighthearted and a little sneaky.

Layered Bob

The layered bob features a basic cut that frames the face with the addition of layers alongside the face. Most bob cuts fall between the bottom of the ears and the chin. Layered bobs add volume and dimension to the traditional bob. Layered bobs can have traditional fringe across the forehead, no fringe or longer fringe that get pushed on either side of the face.

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