Center part hairstyles for men

There are many men's hairstyles both long and short that accommodate centre parts. The part is a line of scalp that runs parallel to the sides of the head and can be seen when hair is divided and combed in opposite directions. A part can be done in the middle and at either side of the head as long as the hair is long enough. Bangs or fringe -- the hair worn over the forehead -- can also be parted down the centre.

Bowl Hairstyle

The bowl haircut is so named because it looks as if someone took a bowl, put it on like a helmet and cut the hair that went beyond the border of the bowl. This leaves longer hair on top of the head and shorter hair around the lower part. Because of the longer hair at the crown, the hair can be parted down the centre rather than leaving the front to merely go over the forehead as blunt fringe/fringe. Due to its association with a child's haircut, it can make a man appear younger.

Taper cut

The taper cut refers to a short haircut that features the hair on the sides and back progressively getting shorter down toward the neck. The hairs are always evenly blended, with no clear demarcation lines. The hair on top of the head is also tapered and blended together but can be left long enough to part down the centre. The part can be left natural or gelled into place.

Businessman's Hairstyle

A businessman's cut refers to a short haircut that is appropriate for the office. The hair is tapered on the backs and sides while the hair on top of the head is left long enough to enable the wearer to part it. Traditionally, men parted their hair on the left with this cut but it is now being sported with a centre part as well.

Ivy league Hairstyle

Like the business man's hairstyle, in the Ivy League the hair is cut short on the sides and back. The crown is usually tapered across as well. The hair gradually gets longer the closer it is to the front of the head. The hair there is purposefully left longer so it can be parted down the middle with pomade or gel. It can also be parted on either side, brushed forward or upward.

Layered Hairstyle

A layered hairstyle is one with hair cut at different lengths throughout the head. It is appropriate for short or long hair. The layering helps remove bulk and weight where hair is generally left longer (top of the head) without sacrificing the length. The length at the top gives the wearer the ability to part his hair down the centre. Short-layered hair may need the aid of gels to hold the parted hair in places whereas longer-layered hairstyles can be parted down the middle and then left to air dry in place.

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