Medium-length hairstyles for women over the age of 40

Written by marlene affeld | 13/05/2017

A woman's choice in hairstyles is a reflection of ethnicity, cultural background and fashion choice. Medium-length hair has been fashionable for decades, as it is easy to maintain and can be worn in a variety of styles. Medium hair is considered hair that is longer than chin length and above the shoulders. Medium-length hair is the most popular of all hair lengths. It allows someone with long tresses to try another style without a radical change. A medium-hair length with a layered shaping increases volume, shape and texture.

Compliment Your Facial Structure

Small faces with a narrow jaw benefit from a straight, full fringe at the chin line. If you want to distract from crow's feet or laugh lines, feather the hair short in shaggy layers, with shorter hair in the front and longer layers around the ears and back. Feathered layers can actually soften facial features.

Subtract Years from Your Appearance

Fashioning layers up and away from the face will add an instant lift to that drooping chin. Shoulder and neck areas evidencing a loss of firmness in the skin can add years to your appearance. By drawing the hair back in loose curls around the ears and in the back, it can divert attention from your neckline and showcase your best features, be they high cheek bones, sparking eyes, rosy cheeks or an engaging smile. Women in their 40s or older, who wish to project a youthful profile, should avoid severe or stiff styles that accentuate lines and wrinkles.

Add Layers For Volume

For middle-aged and older women, there are many flattering hairstyles to fit various facial shapes and hair types. As women age, hair tends to be thinner. A medium-length shag allows many different styles and adds fullness to sparse hair. A shag works well with any hair texture, but works best with layered hair. A style, kept simple with hair cut at one length around the base and added layers around the edges to create shape and volume, is especially attractive on naturally curly hair.

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