Crafts Using Corrugated Plastic

Updated April 17, 2017

Crafts using corrugated plastic are known for their waterproof, lightweight and durable natures. The plastic is easy to cut with a craft knife and simple to secure with glue or string. You can paint, decorate or cover it with almost anything, which makes the plastic extremely versatile. From jewellery boxes to model planes, corrugated plastic is a popular material.

Container Craft Ideas

Make a wide variety of container crafts using corrugated plastic, glue and decorations. Cover a wood frame with plastic panels to create a basic toy box. Paint the plastic with colourful animals and objects to give the toy box a cheerful style.

Glue bead edging around a small plastic box to create a fancy jewellery box.

Cover a plastic box with velvet and place a potpourri satchel inside to create a fragrant keepsake box.

Costume Craft Ideas

Use your creativity to come up with a unique costume using corrugated plastic. Wear beige corrugated plastic boards trimmed with brown felt to create bread for a sandwich costume. Add felt cheese, meat, tomato and lettuce behind the board to create a sandwich filling.

Cover two plastic circles with silver paint to dress up as a CD disk.

Cover triangular pieces of the plastic with red paint to create bloody knives for a monster costume.

Model Building Craft Ideas

Corrugated plastic is strong enough to create a self-supporting wall, making it an ideal material for creating model buildings. Create a replica of a famous skyscraper with intricate architectural details or build a lopsided haunted house with cartoonish details. Use the plastic as a frame and roof for a model hotel or for a model train station.

Model Plane Craft Ideas

Model planes are the most popular crafts using corrugated plastic. The plastic is light and strong enough to create a sturdy shell for remote-controlled planes. It allows them to achieve flight using less power and helps prevent damage if a crash occurs. The plastic is also versatile enough to create a decorative shell for traditional model planes.

Sign Craft Ideas

Creating signs is a popular craft when it comes to using corrugated plastic. Many industrial and business signs use the plastic as a base material.

Cut white corrugated plastic into ghost shapes to create a "Happy Halloween" sign on your front lawn. Paint a rectangular piece of plastic with a wood pattern to create an old-fashioned welcome sign to hang by your front door. Splash some plastic with colourful paint to create a "Disaster Area" sign for a child's bedroom door.

Toy Craft Ideas

Save money by creating your own toy accessories with corrugated plastic. Make a couch for fashion doll or a bathtub for a baby doll using the plastic and some decorative paint. Create a doll high chair, carrier or cradle with plastic, wood and decorative embellishments. Build a simple car wash for toy cars, a fort for action figures or a barn for stuffed animals.

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