Joke Gifts for a 50th Birthday

Written by kelsey casselbury | 13/05/2017

Surprise a soon-to-be 50-year-old friend or family member with a gag gift for their big birthday. Before handing over a gag gift, make sure the recipient's sense of humour is intact. The age of 50 is a milestone for all, but marked with sadness for some. If you think they'll laugh rather than cry, celebrate their age with a humorous gift.


If the birthday boy or girl is willing to wear their age proudly, an Over the Hill T-shirt might put a smile on their face. Over the Hill Gifts prints T-shirts with sayings such as "I'm not 50! I'm 18 with 32 years experience" and "50 isn't old ... depressing, but not old." Other apparel options from Over the Hill Gifts include socks and hats. Website Gifts for Geezers offers similar designs with saying such as "It took me 50 years to look this good."


Keep the gift recipient laughing with humorous books such as "What You Don't Know About Turning 50," by Phil Witte or "You Know You're 50 When ..." by Richard Smith. The former, which was published in 1999, is described as "an outrageous quiz that can ease the pain of turning 50 and provide entertainment for any 50th birthday party." The quizzes are more joke, with a sample question going like this: "Question: Is 50 too young to be worried about bladder control problems? Answer: Depends."

The second book by Smith offers a laughable list of ways you know you've turned 50. Examples of these list items include "Your main form of aerobic exercise is getting up to change the channel," or " 'Performance anxiety' refers to your golf game."


Perhaps the funniest gift (and arguably the most useful) would be a gift basket full of toiletries the birthday boy or girl is bound to need as they enter their old age. This includes hair growth products, haemorrhoid cream, arthritis rub, denture adhesive, reading glasses, Depends undergarments--just browse the pharmacy section of the local drugstore. Wrap it all up in a beautifully packaged gift basket and proudly hand it over to the recipient. If you're concerned about looking insensitive, include a non-gag gift, such as a gift card for a nice restaurant.

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