Red oxide primer specifications

Updated April 17, 2017

Red oxide primer is a lead-free, oil-based, high-quality, rust-resistant primer ideal for use on metal surfaces such as aluminium, iron and steel. The corrosive resistant pigments of red oxide primer make it an ideal choice for use on farm equipment, railings, window frames, fences, structural steel, pipes, field machinery and storage tanks to act as protection from exposure to chemical fumes, excessive heat and humidity, rain and wind.

Preparing the Surface

Stir the red oxide primer before use or mix using a power agitator. After applying paint thinner to a metal surface to clean away oil and grease, use a detergent to remove excess dirt and contaminants. Sand blasting iron and steel removes old paint and metallic debris such as mill scale and rust. Using disc sanders, sandpaper or wire brushes further ensures an adhesive surface. A light sanding with fine sandpaper is ideal for preparing aluminium for red oxide primer.

Red Oxide Primer Application

Red oxide primer application can involve an all-purpose roller, a manual spray gun or a brush with hairs of either polyester or nylon. Red oxide primer can receive a top coating of epoxy ester or an acrylic or oil base paint. One finish of red oxide primer on a clean surface is enough to allow for adhesion of paint or epoxy. The best conditions for drying red oxide primer are between 15.6 and 32.2 degrees Celsius in an area of low humidity that is free of dust. Red oxide primer can take up to four hours to dry.

Tips & Warnings

Red oxide primer has a shelf life of about six months. Keep red oxide primer away from excessive heat and open flames. Application of red oxide primer should be in an area with adequate ventilation to avoid breathing the vapours. Shut the container of red oxide primer to prevent the excessive release of vapours and to prevent the primer from drying. Avoid contact with skin. Do not use paint thinner to clean excess red oxide primer, but use white spirit or a solvent such as xylene. Check with your local town hall as to the regulations in your area for the disposal of red oxide primer. Red oxide primer is not for use on galvanised metal.

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