Great Ordination Gifts

Updated July 19, 2017

Ordination is one of the greatest experience in the life of a clergy. It is a day to remember God's calling and to look forward to serving God's people. Many people like to give gifts to their clergy to help make the day special. Clergy play a unique role in the life of the church, therefore one wants to give a unique gift.


In traditions where the clergy regularly wear liturgical clothing such as robes or albs, a stole is a meaningful gift. Every time the individual drapes the stole around her neck, she will remember her ordination day.


Artwork in its many forms make great ordination gifts. This could be a painting or decorative plaque to hang in the pastor's study.

Prayer Beads

In traditions where prayer beads are used, these make wonderful ordination gifts. Holding these beads in his hands while praying will remind him of his call to ministry and God's presence with him.

Labyrinth Ceramic Tile

Labyrinth tiles have long been used within Christianity as a means of focusing one's attention upon God. Keeping this near at hand will remind the newly ordained pastor of the importance of spending time with God.

Gift Token to a Christian Bookstore

Most clergy have a love of learning and enjoy reading. A gift token to a Christian bookstore allows the pastor to pick up a book that she has been wanting to read.


Most newly ordained clergy have invested many years of sacrifice and study in preparation for full-time ministry. Giving a getaway package offers the pastor the chance to be refreshed. This can be a gift token to a nice restaurant, a night at a bed and breakfast, or a weeklong trip to someplace the pastor has always wanted to go.


Cash may not seem very religious, but the reality is that many newly ordained clergy have accumulated significant student loans in the process of becoming trained for ministry. A gift to help lessen that debt load has long-term benefits for the pastor.

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