Alternatives for Hanging Baskets

If you love to display flowers in hanging baskets, but don't care for the cheap plastic tub-style baskets that often leak after being watered, try an alternative. From basket coverings to decorative hanging containers, you can still enjoy blooms in a container garden without the unsightly cheap plastic containers used by many flower nurseries.

Wire Baskets

Choose silver, black or colourful metal wire baskets to display your hanging flowers. Simply line the base and sides of the wire basket with moisture-retaining sphagnum moss that has been presoaked in water. Fill the basket with potting soil, and build your arrangement from the centre outward. Consider adding flowers with cascading blooms, such as moss roses, or long vines of ivy that will drip down over the sides of the basket giving it a natural appeal. This type of basket is best suited for outdoor uses.

Decorative Container

If you can attach slender rope or chains to hang it, the container can become a hanging basket. Favourite porcelain bowls or a vintage watering can may become a viable container garden by adding small pebbles to the inner base of the container. Allow the pebbles to fill one-fourth of the container's depth. Then insert a terra cotta or plastic pot containing the flowers. Make sure the existing plant container has drainage holes, so water can run down into the pebbles. Fill in excess space around the internal pot with sphagnum moss or decorative stones.

Basket Covers

If the plant simply can't be transplanted, consider using a basket cover. Available at craft fairs and home remodelling superstores, woven yarn covers will add colour and texture to your indoor hanging flower basket. Choose this option if water leakage isn't an issue, and you simply want to cover a cheap, stained or outdated-looking basket. Choose weather-resistant sissel or wicker covers if the hanging basket will be placed outside.

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