Funny ideas for military welcome home banners

Written by steve brachmann
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Reactions to a soldier returning home from a tour of duty can be widely varied. Sometimes, a loved one wants to make light of the situation as a way of quickly moving back to a normal way of life. Funny welcome home banners can be very tasteful, and may even be greatly appreciated by a returning soldier with a good sense of humour.


Spouses can create funny banners for returning soldiers that displays how badly they have been missed. Funny spouse banner ideas can focus on a witty statement, such as Welcome Home! Now Come Here And Kiss Me! or Next Mission: Operation Nookie.

If the situation isn't incredibly delicate, spouses may even want to be a little racier with their messages, teasing the soldier about their first night home: If You Thought Iraq Was Hot, Wait 'Till Tonight! Be mindful of other people who may also be present to welcome home the soldier, including parents or children.


Funny kids banners for returning parents in the military are often similar to funny spouse banners in that they include a witty statement about how sorely the child has missed her father or mother. A simple, Welcome Home! Now Come Here And Hug Me banner makes a nice statement, as does Get Out Of My Way! Here To Pick Up Daddy. Another idea is to poke fun at all the time spent alone with the other parent, or their parent's relationship: Mommy Says You Have Chores To Do.


Humorous military pictures can be found on a multitude of online databases. These pictures show real life military bloopers, or may be doctored in some way to make light of the picture's subject.

Commonly, humorous military pictures are tagged with terms such as "military," "funny" and "humour." Use these tags as search terms when looking for funny military photos.

When you have found a suitable picture, download it from the website to your computer for printing to a banner. Before printing, try to change the settings so that the picture can be printed over four pages or more, so that it will be large enough for a banner.


Writing a military joke on a banner is a good idea for those who aren't sure what direction to take with their banner. Military jokes are varied and widespread, and are almost guaranteed to lighten a returning soldier's mood.

Some jokes poke fun at the stereotypical ego that comes with soldiers performing specialised high-risk tasks: Q: What's the difference between God and fighter pilots? A: God doesn't think he's a fighter pilot. Comparing soldiers to civilians can also be wittily portrayed: Reaction To Snakes-- Civilian: Runs away screaming. Army: Runs it over, giggles, and looks for more.

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