Hairstyles for 50 year olds

Updated February 21, 2017

Turning 50 and entering a new decade in life can seem like a big deal to many people. You might want to celebrate your new age with making a change. A new hairstyle can be a great way to start out your life at the half-century mark. Just because you are getting older does not mean you cannot be hip and stylish. Many hairstyles can be adapted as suitable for a 50-year old woman or man. Just remember to be yourself. Your hair is an outward expression of you to the world.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a short, cropped hairstyle traditionally worn by males, whether they are 50 years old or 5. This look can work for any age and presents a clean, put-together appearance. Some women can also pull off this cut and end up looking wise and sophisticated.

Women: Low Ponytail

A low ponytail is something that is easy to do if you have long enough hair. It provides women with a sleek, elegant look. It is done by pulling your hair back at the nape of your neck.

Men: Short Crop

As we age, it is inevitable we will start to get grey hair. "Details" magazine suggests that men who are going grey should crop the sides and back to about 1/2 inch, with around 2 inches cropped on top. The magazine also suggests that the more grey you have, the shorter you should go on the top.

Women: Layers

If your hair is cut straight across, try adding some layers. Layers are flattering on almost everyone. You have several options. You could go with longer layers for a more conservative style or opt for shorter layers for a bit of an edge.

Men: Textured Ivy League

A textured Ivy League style can be especially good for fine or thinning hair. The texture helps to build the illusion of thickness. With this style, hair conforms to the shape of your head with a bit of extra length in the front. Use styling gel on your fingertips to give your hair a bit of lift at the front.


A Mohawk certainly is not for everyone. If it fits your personality, style and taste, however, do not be afraid to go for it. This goes for any off-the-wall hairstyle.

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