Paint colours to brighten rooms

Some rooms just don't have enough or large enough windows to bring in the sunlight. Without natural light, rooms can appear dark and gloomy. Big rooms with windows at only one end can be bright on the side with windows, but dark at the other end. If you have a room in your house or flat that is a little dark and gloomy, you can help brighten it up with the right paint colour.

Off-whites and creams

When it comes to brightening up space, and giving a room a clean, crisp appearance, no colour is more effective than soft white shades. Colours like magnolia, eggshell or even a soft peach, can do wonders at brightening up a space. Bright wall colours also give rooms a larger appearance, which is why so many small flats have off-white or cream walls and white doors.

Earthy greens and browns

Though it may not be quite as bright as a white room, a pale green can work in much the same way. Neon green might be too harsh, but soft green colours, like lime green, shouldn't be overpowering. Light greens can be matched with light or dark blues, browns or even darker shades of green to create wall designs if you are not happy with the green by its self. Just keep the lighter green colour the dominant colour. Light browns, like oatmeal or tan, can also brighten up the room. This is especially true in rooms that could really benefit from a brown colour on the walls, like those with exposed dark wood beams.

Light blues and purples

Colours such as sky blue also enhance the brightness of a room. Add in some brown to create a nice colour scheme, especially in rooms where the sky blue colour is just a little too bright. If you prefer purples, muted shades, such as lilac, are also effective at brightening a room.

Darker colours

While it may seem counterproductive, colours like yellow, orange and red can actually be effective at brightening space if used correctly. Stay away from the most vibrant reds and yellows. Instead, go for softer shades of these colours, such as pastels or pinkish reds to brighten up instead of further darkening the room.

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