Bible Activities & Crafts for Children

Updated April 17, 2017

Bible activities are an effective way to enforce Bible lessons and truths. Whether you are teaching a Sunday School class, instructing a grade at a Christian school or simply explaining Scripture to your child at home, activities and crafts are extremely helpful in communicating the point. Children will also remember Biblical truths better when they are able to experience the story using different senses.

Sword Drills

Best played with a large group of children, this classic Bible activity involves using the Bible itself. Ensure each child has a Bible before starting the activity, and go over the books of the Bible so that the children have some sort of idea where certain books are. Next, say, "Swords up!" All the children must lift their Bibles in the air. Next, read off a Scripture reference, such as Philippians 3:2. Children must flip to that verse in their Bibles. The first child to find the verse must read it out loud; that child wins the round. This activity can also be played with verses that refer to animals, and the first child to find the animal in the verse announced wins. Objects, colours and numbers also work.

Animal Puppets

Making animal puppets can really engage children to with a Bible story that involves animals, such as Daniel and the Lion's Den or Jesus' birth story. To make simple puppets, pass out brown paper lunch bags to every child. Next, decide what animal you would like to make. For a lion, take a paper plate with ridged edges and cut it in half. Colour the plate brown. Glue on two eyes, and with a black marker, draw a nose and ears. Glue the plate onto the flap of the paper bag so that the mouth goes where the flap lifts up. Show the children how the puppet works by slipping your hand into it and making the lion talk. This craft can work for numerous animals; make sheep using cotton balls, a pig using pink paper or a bird using toy feathers. Once the children create the puppets, they can re-enact the Bible story from the perspective of the animals involved.

Bible Collages

For younger children, consider making collages that retell the Bible story. This activity is a great way to help children visualise a Bible story, like the story of David and Goliath. Before you get with the children, prepare pictures relevant to the story, such as a boy for David, a giant for Goliath, a sling, several stones, some sheep, other people for David's brothers and a spear. Make copies of the pictures for all the children. If the children are very young, cut out the pictures. After you tell the story, allow the children to colour their own pictures. Then, have them glue the pictures onto a large poster board or a large piece of paper to recreate the story.

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