Hand-Held Electronic Games for Adults

Updated April 17, 2017

Hand-held electronic games, like those played on systems like Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance, have been popular among children for some time. Many of these games are played by adults as well. When choosing a hand-held electronic game, whether for a gift or for yourself, consider whether the recipient enjoys classic games, party games or individual games.


This popular hand-held game puts a spin on the game 20 Questions. 20Q is a small, hand-held electronic game that asks players to think of a person, place or thing. The round hand-held device asks 20 questions, then guesses what it is you are thinking about. While the device is often accurate, one of the most entertaining aspects of 20Q is its continuous user interaction throughout the game.


The traditional version of Catchphrase required players to use paper and an hourglass. The new electronic version stores a large bank of words, people, phrases and other things, and provides hours of entertainment. To start, a player presses a button and starts to describe a word or phrase on the screen. When his team correctly guesses the word, he passes it to the other team. That team must guess the next word, and play continues until the hand-held game buzzes. Whoever is caught with the game when the buzzer goes off loses, and the other team gets a point.


One of the most popular newspaper puzzles available on a daily basis is Sudoku. In its standard format, this number crossword puzzle requires players to fill in the numbers 1 through 9 in a nine-box puzzle. Electronic versions of this game are now popular as well, especially since the electronic nature of the device allows for hundreds of thousands of puzzle variations. Several varieties of these puzzles are available, including some with a backlight, a stylus and an LCD display.

Board Games

Classic board games are available in hand-held electronic format. Game manufacturer Hasbro now makes several games, such as Yahtzee, available for play in electronic form. With Yahtzee, play against the computer or another player, pressing a button to roll the virtual dice and deciding on what to do with your roll. Connect 4, Scrabble, Battleship and Solitaire are also all available as hand-held electronic games.

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