Good Birthday Gifts for a 60 Year Old Woman

Updated April 17, 2017

Finding the best gift to give a special friend or relative requires a little of your time, as well as some research regarding the hobbies and interests of the person. If you want to buy a gift for a woman who's around the age of 60, consider that many women of this age have retired from work or have slowed down from their daily activities. Women in this age group enjoy spending their leisure time with their friends, playing with their grandchildren and enjoying quiet time with themselves.

Favourite Music Collection

Consider a CD containing the woman's favourite songs. A personalised CD is a way to bring back good memories for the recipient, helping her to reminisce about experiences over the years and recall people who once touched her life. It is a good gift to keep memories alive.

Meal at a Fancy Restaurant

Take her to her favourite restaurant and treat her like a princess. Let her experience again the feeling of being special.

Photo Album

Buy a photo album that is of high quality, but leave it empty. Let her fill it with her most valued treasures. Certainly, there will be stories behind every picture she will put in it.

Personalised Wall Clock

A wall clock that shows the number 60 is a unique idea. It can be a fun way to recall all the time that the two hands of the clock moved with her.


Give the birthday woman a piece of jewellery. It does not need to be expensive. Many jewellery stores offer nice pieces at prices that will suit small budgets.

"60 and Fabulous" Sweatshirt

A "60 and Fabulous" sweatshirt can be given to a woman comfortable with who she is and her age--and not afraid to display it.


There is no end to learning, so she may value a good coffee-table book or any book on her interests. She may finally be able read those books she didn't have time to read before. A good book will not only entertain her, but it will also keep her mind active.

Write a Poem

Write a poem for her. Tell her how important and loved she is. Have it framed so she can display it and even brag about it to her friends. Remember, it's not about the price but rather the effort put into the gift that matters. The most precious gifts are priceless.

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